Institutional Membership Fees

N4CSGA 2018-19 Institutional Membership

We recognize the tremendous impact of student voices on the U.S. higher education system.  Your institutional membership fee supports the work N4CSGA as we seek to amplify the voice of students within the NC Community College System.  N4CSGA membership is based on a sliding scale according to the latest available FTE information per college. For verification, please refer to the FTE information available from the North Carolina Community College System Office.

DEADLINE to pay N4CSGA Membership Dues is Friday, August 17.

Please submit a check payable to “N4CSGA” by August 17, 2018. Please make sure the name of the Senior Advisor is on the mailing envelope. Institutional checks should be mailed to the senior advisor at the following address:

Caitlin Fowler,
N4CSGA Senior Advisor
Wilson Community College
902 Herring Avenue Wilson, NC 27893

Contact information:

Caitlin Fowler
(252) 246-1343

N4CSGA Annual Dues Institutional Membership Form

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