N4CSGA Awards

N4CSGA Awards Application

Daryl Mitchell Award for Outstanding Students

Daryl Mitchell played a significant role in the success of the N4CSGA during his tenure as president. This award is given in his honor to a student who demonstrates the leadership qualities upon which the organization is founded.

The students honored with this award demonstrate the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Those honored use the six pillars of character to serve their community and local community college. One student from each division will be selected as an “Outstanding Student.”


The Dr. Michael Taylor Award

During his tenure as the N4CGSA Liaison, Dr. Michael Taylor provided a greater connection between the North Carolina Community College System President’s Association and the N4CSGA. Dr. Taylor is the embodiment of servant-leadership. He encourages leaders to serve others while achieving results that reflect the organization’s values and integrity.

The Dr. Michael Taylor Award is given to a student whose work has enhanced the growth of others in their organization, increased teamwork and personal involvement, while helping the organization reach its potential. This student exemplifies a desire to lead by serving others in their community, on their campus, or in the community college system. 


The Eddie Myers Outstanding Advocacy Award

During his tenure at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Eddie Myers, was tireless in his commitment to community college students particularly those students involved in student government.   The Eddie Myers Outstanding Advocacy Award is presented to an individual who has committed themselves to promoting and implementing positive change and advocacy on their campus and in the community.

This student has demonstrated a willingness to take the lead when it comes to change and has demonstrated the ability to motivate others to embrace change.


The Outstanding Community Service Award

The Outstanding Community Service Award is given to an individual who has performed exemplary community service, made significant contributions to enhance the quality of life in their community, and demonstrated an understanding of his or her responsibility to one’s community.


Top “C” Campus Award

The Top “C” Award is presented to the school that demonstrates the qualities consistent with the community tradition that the 58 colleges represent. It is based upon the SGA’s involvement and interaction on campus as well as in the community. The N4CSGA recognizes each community college’s effort to promote fellowship and citizenship among students and the community college’s SGA that symbolize outstanding commitment.


The Bryan Pugh Award

Bryan Pugh was the first President of the N4CSGA. The Bryan Pugh Award is selected by the current President of the N4CSGA, and is given to an individual who worked diligently and exceeded the expectations that are required for his or her office. The recipient of this award symbolizes the commitment necessary to serve others effectively.

The honoree has proven to be in touch with the student population from cultural events to personal needs. The individual who receives this award shows great character by supporting the decisions made by the group, even if the final result were not of his/her own choosing. This individual exemplifies the meaning of being dedicated to the students and the NCCCS.


The Karen Yerby Award

Karen Yerby has been a dedicated advisor to the N4CSGA. The Karen Yerby Award is presented to the individual who has been of the greatest assistance to the N4CSGA. The recipient may be a student, advisor, college representative, or community member who has given of his or her time to see the N4CSGA reach new heights. This award is selected by the N4CSGA Executive Board.


The Ray Jefferies Award

Ray Jefferies made significant contributions to the creation and success of the N4CSGA.  This award is given in his honor to a student who has displayed outstanding leadership and support to the N4CSGA.   This award is selected by the N4CSGA Executive Board.