SGA Virtual Conference

Topic: System Update

Presented By:
Dr. Kim Gold, Senior VP / Chief Academic Officer
Dr. James Kelley, Associate Vice President of Student Services

Topic: “ShipBuilding” How to build SHIPS to last a lifetime!

Presented By:
Krista Moore, Founder & CEO of K. Coaching

Topic: Creating A Culture of Belonging for Student Leaders

Presented By:
Dr. William T. Lewis, Equity and Education Support Services Consultant
Forsyth Tech

Topic: NC Census 2020

Presented By:
Bob Coats, Governor’s Census Liaison

Topic: Serving as a Community College Trustee:
Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships

Presented By:
Julie Woodson, President & CEO
NC Association of Community College Trustees

Topic: Helping Register Other to Vote

Presented By:
Caitlin Metzguer, Deputy Director
Jake Gellar-Goad, Campus Organizing Director
YouCanVote /

Topic: Creating Your Personal Board of Directors
Presented By:
Dr. Holly Sullenger, Founder and CEO
DrHollySpeaks /