Exec Board Vacancies 2020-2021

We still have available Executive Board Positions for the  2020 -2021 academic year. Please make sure to review all of the following information if you are interested in running for a position on the Executive Board.


All students interested in running MUST submit ALL REQUIRED materials to Shawna Loftis, Senior Advisor.  The currently available positions are:

-Vice President
-Public Information Officer
-Eastern Division Chair
-Western Division Chair
-Central Division Chair
-Student Activities Committee Chair
-Special Populations Chair
-Local Interactions Chair

Below you will find N4CSGA Nomination materials for the Executive Board.  Interviews take place at the N4CSGA Executive Board Meetings.

What does N4CSGA stand for?
As stated in the Preamble of the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association Constitution: “…in order to promote better student government; to promote better academic achievement; to serve the participating institutions as a common bond, whereby the institutions, in unity, present their common problems and practical solutions; to promote fellowship and the exchange of ideas for the advancement of our educational institutions; and to provide leadership training in the environment which permits the evaluation of wide range of problems and activities; we do ordain and establish this Constitution for the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association.”

Who is the N4CSGA?
The N4CSGA is a student based and student run organization. It is made up of three parts, the General Delegation, the Executive Board, and the Advisory Council.

General Delegation
The General Delegation is comprised of delegate “students” from each of the 58 community colleges currently registered with the N4CSGA. It is meant to be a networking and brainstorming group. The full General Delegation convenes twice a year, once in the fall at Fall Conference and once in the spring at Spring Conference.

Executive Board
The Executive Board is the governing body of the N4CSGA. It is made up of nine (9) elected officers and three (3) divisional representatives.

Those nine (9) elected officers are as follows:
President                            Public Information Officer
Vice President                   Local Interactions Committee Chair
Secretary                            Special Populations Committee Chair
Parliamentarian               Campus Activities Committee Chair

The three (3) divisional representatives are:
Eastern Division Representative
Central Division Representative
Western Division Representative

The Executive Board meets monthly to conduct the business of the N4CSGA. Duties and responsibilities for each officer are stated in the Constitution and Operational Guidelines.

Qualifications for Candidacy:
The qualifications for candidacy as an officer are as follows:

  1. Each candidate must possess a 2.5 cumulative grade point average as certified in a letter from the Registrar or Student Records Office of the local institution.
  2. Each candidate must be enrolled in at least six curriculum hours of study each semester (summer term excluded) as certified in a letter from the Registrar or Student Records Office of the local institution.
  3. Each candidate must provide a letter of nomination from the Dean or his/her professional staff designee of the candidate’s local institution. The letter of nomination must include an agreement by the Dean or his/her staff designee to serve as an advisor to the candidate during the term of office.
  4. The candidate’s local institution must provide financial support to attend all N4CSGA Executive Board meetings, divisional meetings and N4CSGA Fall and Spring Conferences.
  5. Each candidate must provide the N4CSGA Parliamentarian with a statement of qualifications and a written platform for office.
  6. All of these requirements must be met by the fall of the gavel at the first business meeting.

Serving on the N4CSGA Executive Board is a great opportunity and great expectations come with having any position on the board. If you are interested in running for a position on the 2019-2020 N4CSGA Executive Board, please contact Senior Advisor, Shawna Loftis at sloftis@spcc.edu.