When and how did it all begin?

During the later part of the summer of 1969, Mr. Woodell sent out announcements to the SGA Presidents of the 13 community colleges existing at that time regarding a proposed meeting on October 25, 1969. Six community colleges sent representatives to the first meeting. Discussions centered on the feasibility of a statewide organization and its purpose.

It was agreed that such an organization was feasible and was desired by the colleges at the meeting. After lengthy discussion, the purpose of the organization, as stated in the minutes, would be:

“…to serve the participating colleges as a “commonorgbond”* whereby the colleges as a unit could present their common problems and work together for practical solutions, to promote fellowship, and to exchange ideas for the achievement of your educational institutes.”

The organization has maintained and built upon this purpose throughout its more than 40 years of existence.

At the first meeting, on October 25, 1969, a major motion was made to accept only the 13 community colleges, in existence at that time, into the organization.

Consideration for technical institute memberships would be discussed after more definite decisions are made on the organization structure and organizational finances. The motion passed.

The second meeting was held at Sandhills Community College in February 1970. At this meeting, the colleges present decided on the official name of the organization to be The North Carolina Community College Student Government Association. Ray Jefferies spoke to the group on the purpose of the organization and pressed for admission of technical institute membership.

The third meeting was held at the Holiday Inn of Elizabeth City, NC. College of the Albemarle was the host school and Mr. Woodell presided over the meeting. Some matters of the discussion were regular meeting times, membership fees, establishing financial procedures, election of the first officers of the association, and adding the word “comprehensive” to the name of the association. After this meeting, the name was officially changed to The North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association or N4CSGA.

At the fourth meeting, the following officers were elected as the first officers of the N4CSGA:

  • Bryan Pugh, President
  • Jim Kneas, Vice President
  • Anestine Wyte, Secretary
  • Albert Yoder, Treasurer

The organization now had a name, a purpose, officers, and the support of the North Carolina community colleges.

The First Meetings

As stated in the Preamble of the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association Constitution: “…in order to promote better student government; to promote better academic achievement; to serve the participating institutions as a common bond, whereby the institutions, in unity, present their common problems and practical solutions; to promote fellowship and the exchange of ideas for the advancement of our educational institutions; and to provide leadership training in the environment which permits the evaluation of wide range of problems and activities; we do ordain and establish this Constitution for the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association.”