NC Government

State Advocacy

  • Representing the students of the public community colleges across the state, the General Assembly in Raleigh, NC serves as the voice for education. You can contact your representative to advocate for increased state investment in higher education, greater affordability, and other issues relevant to your campus.
  • Learn about the NC General Assembly
  • Learn about Governor Roy Cooper
  • Contact YOUR State Representative

Federal Advocacy

  • The Federal Government has a large say in higher education policy and funding. They address topics and pass bills on matters that include financial aid, veteran students, campus safety, and institutional compliance.
  • Learn more about the United States Congress
  • Learn more about the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Vote in NC

  • N4CSGA encourages all eligible students to register to vote. This also includes being an involved and informed citizen. This can be done by engaging in the political process, researching candidates and issues, and then voting with your conscience. For more information about voter registration in North Carolina, visit the NC State Board of Elections.
  • You can follow this link to register to vote!
  • If you will be away from your polling place, you can submit an absentee vote.